Costco scholarship donation

We’re happy to donate to the Costco Scholarship Fund this year as
the only nut processing facility. We believe the award winners of this
scholarship have shown great dedication and tenacity by navigating and
persevering through this year. They’ve had unforeseen trials thrown at
them and are still overcoming each obstacle. Congratulations to the
recipients of the 21st Annual Costco Scholarship!

To view the virtual event click on the image below.

When opportunities are offered, the possibilities are endless.

The Costco Scholarship Fund was created to help deserving
students achieve their wish of attending college. With your help,
the program has done exactly that.

Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, bright,
ambitious, hardworking students are given the opportunity to
pursue their dreams, achieve a university education and discover
their unique direction toward the future. When a student is
allowed to seek excellence in education, we all benefit.

I extend my sincere thanks for your contributions and
participation, especially in this difficult year.

Together, we’re helping ensure the students of today can
become the trailblazers of tomorrow.”

Ron Vachris – EVP/COO Merchandising, Coscto Wholesale

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