Stockings for Soldiers

We received an email from Tina mid-September inviting us to donate to her cause. Tina is from Northern Illinois and has a big heart for our military. All year long she crochets stockings for soldiers and stuffs them full of goodies from all over the country. She made over 300 stockings this year and they were delivered to the Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago this year.

“My daughter went into the Air Force last year so this was something I came up with to give back.” – Tina

Tina’s Stockings for Soldiers is a not-for-profit effort to bring some Christmas cheer to enlisted military personnel. Homemade, knitted stockings filled with snacks, gifts and small necessities are sent to men and women of the military to let them know they are appreciated and cared about by the folks back home. It involves a handful of volunteers. All donations to Tina’s Stockings for Soldiers are used directly for supplies, stocking stuffers and transporting the finished gifts.

If you are looking for donations please fill out the Donation Request Form on our website or email us at

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